Stonecrop Accelerates Wireless System Deployments

A revolution is occurring in wireless deployments.

Since 2001, Stonecrop Technologies has been transforming cellular and microwave deployments through a system of coordinated tools and processes that align design, supply chain, and installation.

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Site Management

Stonecrop offers a comprehensive set of installation, operational support, maintenance, repair and training services to ensure optimum performance from your network.

We have constructed and maintained thousands of sites across the country and have the knowledge, equipment and manpower to meet your needs.

Communication technology along with installation and maintenance best practices are constantly evolving.

This is why more and more wireless technology companies have turned to Stonecrop to ensure their sites are deployed and maintained correctly, on-time and within budget.

Over the past decade and a half, Stonecrop has dealt with just about every possible issue that can affect a site’s reliability and performance. We’re well-versed in best-practices for site and equipment maintenance, and often-times we can spot trouble before it begins.

CAPSTAN Software

Wireless networks are interdependent, complex, multi-layered, and any change can ripple through neighboring sites as well as the entire supply chain.

Due to constantly changing conditions, engineering constantly changes what (equipment) is required, and network deployment constantly changes when it’s required.

  • Integration with RF Design, Order Management, and Procurement systems
  • Alerts and notifications
  • BOMs automatically generated from RF Design
  • Pre-assembly, color coding, and labeling
  • Mobile application for real-time support, specs, and site closeouts
  • Custom production dashboards and management reports

To provide the right equipment when and where it is needed, supply chain and logistics organizations require a closed-loop software solution that is aware of the entire ecosystem, with the intelligence and flexibility to evolve, adapt, and self-optimize.


When you’re handling, assembling and wiring heavy complicated components while hanging from a tower, the last thing you need is to deal with wrong parts, hard-to-read labels, wrong-sized cables, and vague assembly instructions.

That’s why Stonecrop created capKITTING, to streamline and speed deployments by pre-assembling and pre-testing components before they’re sent to the cell site.

Summary of services:

  • Kitting and pre-assembly
  • Testing and verification
  • Pre-configuration of switches and settings
  • Customized, clear labeling
  • Mobile application support
  • Top-tier phone support for real-time troubleshooting